1. Vida


2. I Garsona 2014


3. Breaza Schiopilor feat. Tziganiada

The journey begins with a sample of tavli (the Greek national board game) captured spontaneously in the fabled streets of Athens, cut on ragga pulse to create the rhythm of I Garsona, a track closely intertwined with the Rebetiko repertoire (a style of Greek popular music which emerged in the 1920s). Impossible Maneaua brilliantly represents the bridge between the Balkans and Andalusia, the performance by Nadia Potinga and Cécilia Fernandez completing the encounter. Oh, Cécilia! your frenetic rumba Vida is an intense ode to life which would make the Gipsy King jealous, followed by the searing percussion of Karine Gonzalez (in all probability), the first Solea in four bars or conversely the first acid techno in 12 bars.
Click’s contemporary technology comes into its own on El Razonamiento featuring Sonido Vegetal from Granada and the Romanian maestro Tudorel Mihai. The electro-gypsy odyssey rushes on without so much as pausing for breath with the impressive beats of Butelcuta 2.0, the frenetic cimbalom of Sirba de la Vasiesti and the steady tempo of Batuta Moldoveneasca.
We then take a break accompanied by Hungarian jew’s harps and new wave sounds, with Irene Liokoukoudaki returning for I’m Burning (Kegome)! The pace picks up again with the striking improvised “taxim” from the film Rebétiko by Costas Ferris.

Since music knows no borders, we pass the Pyrenees with Tierra, as the Click Here family combines flamenco and rumba interspersed with flashes of hip-hop and cumbia, before another interlude on the theme of a Christmas lottery with 1 000 €.
The fiery turbulence of Bulgarian popular music merges with the vibrant tone of Anna Mario Iovkova on Barim sa. Moog synthesiser and vocals perfectly balance past and present. We return to Tziganiada and Leontina Vaduva for a final burst of Gypsy delights, sprinkled with some powerful dance floor influences on Breaza Schiopilor and Sirba Oltenesca.

As a bonus extra, two remixes by « brothers in arms » Insintesi (dub/bass from Salento) and Rafael Aragon (Parisian trance- dubstep mixing artist) will delight clubbers.

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1. I Garsona 2014
2. Imposible Maneaua
3. Vida
4. SoleAcid
5. El razonamiento feat.SonidoVegetal
6. Butelcuta 2.0
7. Sirba de la Vasiesti feat.Tziganiada
8. Batuta Moldoveneasca
9. Hungarian interlude
10. I’m burning (Kegome) !
11. Tierra
12. 1000€
13. Barim sa feat. Anna Mario Iovkova
14.Breaza Schiopilor feat.Tziganiada
15. Sirba Oltenesca feat. Leontina Vaduva
16. I Garsona 2014 (Insintesi RMX)
17. Butelcuta 2.0 (Rafael Aragon RMX)




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