Delhi to Sevilla (2CD)


1. Dj Click - feat Leontina Vaduva / I feel love
DJ Click  


2. Katchur Khan Feat Valentina Casula - Fedayi Pacha Rmx
DJ Click  


3. Dj Click - feat Valentina Casula / quadalquivir
DJ Click  

This album traces the path and patrimony of the Roma people, weaving an aura of a Thousand and One Nights, meandering like an exhilarating Latcho Drom, steeping entire chapters of Far Eastern heritage in electronic ecstasy.

The timbre of Valentina Casula’s vibrant voice is the multilingual Ariadne’s thread guiding the rhythmic vessel through the labyrinth of Indian, Serb, Romanian, Neapolitan, and Andalusian landscapes. There, the unassuming Roma soul rises to the surface in gaiety and melancholy, in love song and secular tradition, in sacred moment and daily torment. Up on the bridge of this electroma craft, passengers dance in a jubilatory ring with Balkan group Tziganiada, with Romanian diva Leontina Vaduva on the hip-hop-folk remake of the traditional Ciuleandra and the disco powerhouse I Feel Love, and with the cadenced growl of charismatic Serbian singer Killo Killo on Doctor. Digital sounds are soaked in the music of the people, pairing with the cimbalom of Hungarian prodigy Kalman Balogh on Tropca from Drobudja, the sinuous klezmer clarinet of Merlin Shepherd on Heyser Bulgar 2009, and the unconventional flair of violin virtuoso Estelle Goldfarb on Hazara and La Multi Ani.

They form an experienced force forging horas, belly dances, vlach, or tammurriatas with the confident convulsions of hip-hop, Drum’n’Bass, and even new wave.

It is a powerful voyage straight into the heart of the gypsy world and all the musical treasures to be savored therein, infectiously infused with the fire of electro dance artistry.

released 05 March 2011
Dj Click, Valentina Casula, Serioja Mihai, Tudorel Mihai, Amrat Hussain, Estelle Goldfarb, Kalman Balogh, Killo Killo..


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1. Katchur Khan feat Valentina Casula
2. Hazara feat Estelle Goldfarb
3. Guimbardise
4. Belly Dance de Ouf
5. Ma Fācut feat Valentina Casula
6. Tziganie
7. Ciuleandra feat Leontina Vaduva
8. Noroc ! feat Tziganiada
9. Nay Lacio Drom
10. Doctor feat Killo Killo
11. Tropca from Dobrudja
12. La Multi Ani feat Estelle Goldfarb
13. Un truc de Gitan feat Tziganiada
14. Heyser Bulgar 2009 feat Merlin Shepherd
15. U Mercadu feat Valentina Casula
16. I feel love feat Leontina Vaduva
17. Guadalquivir feat Valentina Casula

1. Katchur Khan Feat Valentina Casula Fedayi Pacha Rmx
2. Doctor Feat Killo Killo Dj Delay Rmx
3. La Multi Ani – Monkeymarc Gyp-Step Rmx
4. Katchur Khan (Instrumental)
5. Tziganie Balkan Xpress Rmx
6. Ma Facut Feat Valentina Casula (Dub Mix)
7. Noroc – Transglobal Underground Rmx
8. Tziganie – Dj Galletas Calientes Rmx
9. I Feel Love Feat Leontina Vaduva (Radio Edit)
10.Ciuleandra – Frohlocker Rmx
11. Doctor Feat Killo Killo (Club Mix)
12.Tziganie (Club Mix)
13.La Multi Ani – Stratman’s Rmx
14.Ciuleandra (Instrumental)
15.I Feel Love (Instrumental)
16.Noroc – Dj Galletas Calientes Rmx

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